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Oakwood Chiropractic is an evidence-based health care facility with a focus on increasing the quality of life while preventing injury and disease. Using a multifaceted approach to health, treatment, and recovery, patients are assessed on a spectrum ranging from isolated injury to a global health examination reviewing diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The most proven options based on science and research will be presented and reviewed based upon what is best for the individual patient. Our goal is to maximize treatment effectiveness, prevent future re-injury, and minimize clinic exposure while providing the best possible platform to having the patient leave feeling their best.

As soon as our body’s health is compromised, the healing process begins without regulation. This process is automatic down to the microscopic level with no conscious decision. The response time is immediate. A paper cut begins to heal even before the length of the cut is complete.

Just as a parking lot speed bump prevents a car from traveling at the highest possible speed, there are occasionally speed bumps of the body to prevent maximum performance of the immune system. These speed bumps can include the food we eat, mental stressors, demand and fatigue on the body, infections, and diseases.

Chiropractic care seeks to smooth out these speed bumps and give the immune system a clean runway to fly at optimal performance. Oakwood Chiropractic will evaluate all aspects of your concern and institute a plan of care with the best possible treatments designed to maximize the speed of recovery. If we discover the problem is best treated by a provider outside our scope of medicine, we will do everything possible to help find a proper referral and solution.

Dr. Mike

Meet Dr. Mike Finn

Dr. Mike Finn is a local guy to North Carolina as mom and dad moved to Cary when he was knee-high to a labrador retriever. A graduate of Enloe High, NC State University, and THE Texas Chiropractic College, he brings a modern spin to chiropractic care.

This is not your daddy’s chiro.

How are we different?

Chiropractic care has taken a beating over the years. From skeptics, to haters, to naysayers, and even other chiropractors, we are a divided profession with much progress left to make. Chiropractic medicine is a physical (manual) medicine. We seek to restore range of motion resulting in decreased pain and increased function or performance. This is accomplished through many physical therapy modalities including ice, heat, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), vibration, mobilization, decompression, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), nutrition, behavior modification, and what we are most known for, the chiropractic adjustment, or spinal manipulation. The adjustment is just one of the tools at our disposal. The most current ideology behind the mechanism of the adjustment is called the “Vertebral Subluxation Theory”, or VST.

We at Oakwood reject this theory.

A “subluxation” as defined by chiropractic history is a non-scientific, non-evidence based diagnosis of convenience.

We align ourselves with mainstream principles on current medical practices of all disciplines and seek to preserve the patient’s autonomy. Adjustments are delivered to specific joints that demonstrate objectifiable decreases in their specific range of motion, or measurable dysfunction. By restoring the full range of joint motion, we restore function. In turn decreasing discomfort associated with immobile joints, muscles, and their associated soft tissues.

We do not endorse the following chiropractic standards of care:

Use of the term “subluxation”
Mandatory x-ray imaging as part of initial exam
Binding contracts of care
Extended multi-visit packages
Non-refundable chiropractic visit purchases
Use of fear of “unknown” results due to declining treatment

We Advise…

We advise the patient be wary of any chiropractic physician who subscribes to the above practices and contact our chiropractor for a complimentary second opinion.


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We align ourselves with mainstream principles on current medical practices of all disciplines and seek to preserve the patient’s autonomy.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike Finn


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